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7D VR Movie Technology Game Theater

7D cinema is also called XD cinema. You also can called the 7D cinema is a interactive game. 7D cinema game is an upgraded industry basic on 5D cinema technology composed of three-dimensional film and surrounding environment simulation. 7D cinema theaters have high technology, prominent theme, and effective strong impact on the screen features compared to other types of theaters.
Product Details:

7D VR Movie Technology Game Theater


Technical Parameters











Maximum Load









Advanced 3 DOF & 6 DOF motion platform

Line spacing


Max. front & rear tilt angle

About 14 degrees

Max. left & tilt angle

About 17 degrees

Largest plane landing


Effective travel


Maximum Load



Dynamic Platform Showing


Advantages  of The Newest Electric Platform for 7D cinema

*6dof  dynamic motion platform, faster and more exciting 
*Strong  wearproof & heatproof material, best performance
*Best  movement, Simplest structure, with alloy steel eletric cyclinder and  electric box 
*Germany  stainless steel material, Longest lifetime
*220v  power, Most energy saving
*The  newest electronic technology, Nearly no need maintance

Advantages of The Hydraulic Platform for 7D cinema

*The  cheaper price compare with electric platform
*3DOF  & 6DOF, 220v power 
*By  air-compressor & hydraulic oil

What’s the Special Effects of 7D Cinema/  Simulator?
 (1) Lightning: While  the movie shots, thunder and lightning, cinema hall will issue a dazzling  lightning, and accompanied by the roar of lightning, so that audiences feel  like being at the thunderstorm days. 

(2) Raining: While  the film for a rainy picture, showing the slightest fear of stirring up the  hall Yuhua, which is installed in the hall on top of the spray device consists  of computer-controlled to complete, audiences will feel truly about rain  fall from the sky, moist his hair and cheeks. 

(3) Snow: Simulate  snow. Snowflake function is efficiently and quickly acting to man-made snow  Feifei triumphantly sky drift down the screen from top to bottom with snow.  Snow on the screen and indoor snow mixed together, a sudden exposure to the  audience, and he will be wrapped in silver makeup Su's world. 

(4) Smoke: Simulated  burning smoke. Imitate a large number of burning smoke, smoke arises  accompanied by "flames" as if the sky in the combustion. Simulated  mist curls between clouds Piaowu in the audience.

(5)  Bubble: Generated  bubbles fills the air of the reality. Quest in the undersea world and  underwater, the divers, aquatic plants and animals due to the role of  metabolism, will spit out a number of air bubbles from the bubble machine  blowing bubbles in the theater of the drift, alienation between the audience  and the theater every corner of the make theater in the lively atmosphere of  mystery

(6) Hot  drop: Simulating the bloody scenes of Nature Law of the Jungle,  or excreta. A bird flew over their heads and in front of you while excreted;  ancient battlefield, military athletic field, blood spatter, etc. Since lens  occurs, 40 constant temperatures hot water in the form of large water droplets  splash down in the audience, who can get unexpected effect. 

(7)  Vibration: Simulates  an impact. When the movie screen, an object lens and lens impact or landing  such scenarios, the instantaneous seat vibration make the audience feel as if  being in a virtual reality.

(8) Spray,  jet expansion: Seat is equipped with fog, gas nozzle. Usually,  it’s used in parallel, and can also be used independently. This seat can be  sprayed on the expansion into a different water spray and different gases

(9) Ear  Wind: Hair behind your ear, so that audiences can feel the  three-dimensional position of the stimulation and the authenticity of the  environment.

(10) Ear  Sound: Seat back of the stereo speakers, in a particularly  conditional sounds, the audience can almost feel the stimulation of special effects,  as if something on your minds, right you are about to attack. 

(11) Flame: simulation  of the combustion flame



枪+排名(需新加到vr movies下)_副本1_副本.jpg

枪+排名(需新加到vr movies下)_副本.jpg

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