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Amazing Virtual Reality Tank VR Cinema 5D Mini Motion 9 Seats With Exciting Experience For Sale

VR Tank Cinema, based on the 7D cinema with military color, looks like a military tank with electric system, so we called it VR Tank. Sitting on the motion platform with vr glasses, you can enjoy not only thrilling movies and stereo, but also can make full use of your gun simulator in your hand to shoot down swarms of enemies with your partners to join the battle game.
Product Details:

Amazing Virtual Reality Tank VR Cinema 5D Mini Motion 9 Seats With Exciting Experience For Sale

Product details:

The Constitution of VR Tank Simulator :

1.Electric System & Hydraulic System 

Electric System Hydraulic System
Germany S/S material, best movement The cheapest price
3DOF&6DOF,220V Power 3DOF&6DOF,220V Power
Newest electronic technology Air-compressor&Hydraulic oil
Strong waterproof& heatproof material

2.VR Glasses

1080*1920 high resolution vr glasses will be available for all kinds of vr cinema games.

3.Customized Seats

We can provide luxury or standard seats , 6 or 9 seats for your choice. 

4.Special Effects

When you are sitting on the VR Tank seats and wearing vr glasses, do not forget holding tightly the vr gun for some exciting movie games and the motion platform. And if you are totally into the

virtual reality world, some special effects will reach your from all directions. It seems going through an amazing gaming roller coaster.  


Why invest in VR Cinema Simulator ?

Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, IDG and other investment institutions are considered VR market as a potential industry that the earning will reach to trillion yuan or more. In China, our government strongly advocate developing new technique, just as VR area will be widely promoted.

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