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NINED Kids Virtual Reality Bear Baby

Kids VR Bear Baby is the first cute version of VR equipment,specialized for children facing directly to the children's market.It adopts the design of special lens, hand-held glasses to reduce children's eye pressure and let the children totally immerse in a virtual panorama space in a more healthy and comfortable way. Using the children's favorite intellectual development games to enlighten children's talents, Bear Baby served as the best friend for children to know something about the latest VR technology.
Product Details:

NINED Kids Virtual Reality Bear Baby 

What is Children VR Bear Baby?

Bear Baby VR Simulator, the first lastest vr game version for children, which makes use of special lence and hand-glasses in order to reduce the pressure of eye-using and to make them be

immersed in the world of vr in the most comfortable and healthy way, is the digital model served as englightenment parner help to develop kid's intelligence and other  protential skills. 




Bear Baby

After-sales service

1 year warranty





Power rating



 According to the AW

Input Voltage






Hard Disk

120G SSD



Graphic card





Product Advantages


What is the advantage of VR Bear Baby?

1.Different Color of VR Bear Baby For Choose.

2.Interesting Bear appearance 

3.Hand-held VR Glasses

4.Coined operation vr game machine, easy to maintain the business

5.Combine learning with virtual reality game

6.Rich content, massive games

7.Low investment for the machine and rent .png2.png4.png

Children VR Coin Operated Game Machine Bear Baby Experience:

There is no subject to the sites,various of the site and different size venue are available. Shopping malls, children amusement parks, schools, kindergartens, parks,ect..png


Q:Are they really favored by children?
A:It is a kind of new vr model for fun, with the lovely appearance, which can help children to develop their intelligence and other potential skills and is also benefit games for their growth according to the research.

Q:Where i can run the Bear Baby motion simulator?
A:Shopping mall,amusement park, kid's club,theater, theme park ,around the school without any limits.

Q:How many games we can get?
A:There are 12 games inside the machine and we still keep on updating the games which are based on the kid's favorite characters.

Q:Is the Bear Baby is workable in the current market?

A: With the support of the governmental policy, the vr industry will be the most potential technology in the future. In the present, more and more family are concentrated on the kid's education. Kid's

consumption will play an more and more important role in the society. 


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