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2018, The Era Of VR Space 2.0.--VR Space Comes Out Successfully
Mar 26, 2018

VR Space--The Era of VR 2.0.

                                   --2018 March in Beijing Exhibition

In 2018 Beijing Exhibition, the first VR Space is the first to be exhibited in China, which we call it the era of VR space 2.0.

"VR Space" comprehensively upgrades multiplayer interactive virtual battlefield gameplay while compressing physical space and improving the floor-to-floor ratio. Whether addictive players, casual consumers or parent-child combinations, all could be easy to join the player camp to experience the fun of advanced multiplayer VR battle technology.

Only 20 square meters, 4 players are enjoying their interative games with different spots. Not only can multiplayers join in, but also other persons can take part in their fighting through the Large High Definition Television.

VR space 01.jpg

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