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A Crazy Black Technology Experience In 2018 AAA Expo
Apr 11, 2018

Black technology set off a crazy of experience in 2018 AAA Expo.

From April 3rd to April 5th, AAA Expo was held in Guangzhou. NINED, as the leading company in VR industry showcased a variety of new products and hot-selling explosive products to attract on-site experience and consultation from investors at home and abroad. 

Four New VR Products have been rolled out now!!

Crazy 1:In the "VR space" all the way through, who is the ultimate king? 

大空间体验图 (2).jpg

Crazy 2:Team up with teammates, and "VR Thunder" takes you to the battlefield. 

雷霆突击体验图 (4).jpg

Crazy 3:The "VR Fighter" makes you get a gunshot and control your life and death! 


Crazy 4:Driving "VR Knight" to start life and death races

无限骑士体验图 (1).jpg

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