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A New Leap VR Technology From NINED--VR With PC
Jan 27, 2018

A New Leap VR Technology--VR with PC

January 19th, NINED, who is invited to participate in the 2017 Guangdong Game Industry Annual Meeting, won the 2017"Golden Diamond" Award. At the meeting, Mr.Liang, Chairman of NINED discusses the status of the game industry together and predicts the future direction of the industry with all levels of government leaders and guests from game industry in-depth exchanges.


NINED makes it come true that a new leap of VR with PC comes out.

In 2017, NINED self-developed "VR x PC" cross-terminal technology has aroused widespread concern in the gaming industry. As a member of the Electronic Games Professional Committee of Guangdong Game Industry Association, in the future, NINED will continue to exert its own advantages and tap more possibilities for the combination of virtual reality and games.


In addition to the gaming industry,  another breakthrough from NINED is "VR + "models. NINED has fully interfaced with numerous industries and public service areas such as automotive, fire protection, education, cultural and creative, music and other fields, enabling VR technology to penetrate every corner of the industry chain.  Especially in 2017 Fortune Forum, NINED as VR industry representatives dialogue the world's top 500, advanced VR scientific and technological achievements attracted great attention from guests at home and abroad.