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Big News!! Fortune Global Forum Focuses On NINED VR
Dec 09, 2017

Big News!! Fortune Global Forum focuses on NINED VR

On 7th December, nearly 50 guests from World Fortune 500, including foreign dignitaries and foreign & domestic mainstream media reporters who participated in the 2017 Fortune Global Forum come to NINED to experience the trends of new technology--VR games.

During the one-hour interactive session, all the guests experienced the most innovative VR machines such as VR space interaction technology, VR cross-game gaming and overcoming the experience of fear of horrifying VR. Of all the VR games, they all think highly of the application of vr technology, not only in entertainment, tourism and other areas of landing applications,but also in education,such as Fire protection, rescue and so on. Southern Airlines, Hyundai Motor and other Fortune 500 companies on the scene said the cooperation intention.


Feedback on the scene

Scene One:

"Wow, this is so real, can I really skip the air? "The United States FedEx Asia Pacific president Dr. Jialin Hui is experiencing the cloud Guangzhou and excited to scream up. She said:" the feeling of substitution is so strong.I really feel the wind effect on the body, when the wind comes, amazing about this!"


Scene Two:

In addition to Fortune 500 companies from different fields, the visitors including technology companies such as Red Hat Inc and Chain IQ Group AG, as well as capital firms such as Dragon Capital, Republic Bank, Insingiam and Inventis China Growth Private Equity Fund. 

With the help of the Fortune Global Forum, the international high-end resource elements focus on NINED VR.  In order to achieve global innovation and development of major industries, NINED will be the leader to promote and innovate VR technology for more meaningful application.



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