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China (Zhongshan) International Game Entertainment Expo —— Nined
Nov 28, 2018

 Booth: A09

Time: 29th Nov - 2nd Dec  2018 

Add: Zhongshan Convention Centre


    China (Zhongshan) International Game Entertainment Expo is the most professional industry exhibition in China, aiming to create an international, authoritative and efficient industrial platform to promote exchanges and cooperation between the domestic and international game entertainment industry. Virtual Reality Game Machines. The game entertainment industry is a new hot spot in the development of the world economy today. It is an emerging industry that combines advanced manufacturing and cultural and creative industries, and combines technological innovation with leisure and entertainment. In sync with the times, the Fair will be born.

     In 2008, the first World Expo was successfully held, with a trade volume of 1.23 billion yuan, which became the most forward-looking and attractive high-end trade event in the industry.In 2009, the Expo continued to be brilliant, attracting 166 exhibitors and more than 15,000 professional buyers. The trade volume reached 2.08 billion yuan, which has become an important brand of diversified and international exhibitions in China. In 2010-2016, the Expo was included in the “Guangdong Province Construction Culture Strong Province Planning Outline (2011-2020)”. Coin Operated Games Virtual Reality Flight Simulator. The scale of the exhibition increased from 44,000 square meters to 100,000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors increased from 243 to 400. The scale of China's game entertainment exhibitions is the largest, and the trade intention turnover continues to grow, reaching 3.35 billion yuan, establishing an important position in the grand blueprint for the construction of provincial cultural industries.

     In August 2017, the 10th China (Zhongshan) International Game Entertainment Expo will be successfully held in Zhongshan Expo Center and Guangdong Game and Entertainment Industry City Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled.In 2018, Zhongshan Travel Fair will be held as scheduled at the Zhongshan Expo Center and the Guangdong Game Recreation and Cultural Industry City Convention and Exhibition Center. Amusement Park Equipment Driving Simulator Price. It will focus on the world's latest game entertainment products and technologies, focusing on the latest developments in China's game entertainment industry, for global games. The game art enterprise provides open information exchange, industrial cooperation, technology research and development, product sales platform, provides resource cooperation and docking services, and promotes all-round upgrade of communication and cooperation between domestic and foreign game entertainment industry.There are many highlights in the Expo. In addition to the highlights of the “Opening Ceremony” and “The Award Ceremony”, the Expo will add the same activities according to the actual needs of the exhibitors, enrich the connotation of the exhibition, and try to achieve the best effect.


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