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Do You Think It Is A New VR World?
Jul 19, 2017

V of war is a kind of FPS online vr game which is the NINED have concentrated on the next generation science-fiction creations. It can cross platform to play games based on VR and PC.

In the single player PVE mode, Players acts as a sci-fi hero with ups and downs, save the world and towards the pinnacle of life. Using the VR devices can experience the richer virtual reality feature interactive elements: dodging bullets, climbing ice wall, picking up the entrance card, pulling the half open door......

In multiplayer PVE mode, Player can play with other game players, unity and cooperation to challenge the powerful BOSS. Not fear of God as opponents, afraid of the opponent is really a god.

In the PVP mode, there are many creative modes are introduced, including the standard team compaign, personal fight, occupancy mode and other unique dead combat as well as cart mode etc. The exclusive cross-platform function among multiple games units the VR players and PC players to fight online together that they can feel the sense of achievement of killing others .

One of the highlight points of V of War is the audio effect that it runs rather wonderful in the whole games. The sounds of guns and the surrounding atmosphere make players be totally personal on the scene.

Regarding to the quality of the imagine, it makes full use of powerful virtual 4 engine. The engine makes people and items in the games seem to be more textured, for it is abundant in the changing of the indoor and outdoor scenes and the suitable usage of high resolution material. On the map, it sets lots of distinguished theme environments,such as high-tech lab, snowy military base, mystery forest fane and worn-out factory warehouse.

Based on the medium VR and PC, two different kinds of shooting experience can be feel while playing guns. When on the PC-end, the games tempt to recover the touching feeling of gun in the FPS game. Otherwise, you can go through the real gun shooting , hiding , squatting, probing and gesticulating nobly that show off to others while you are on the VR world.

V of War on the AAA Exhibition:

Do you think it is a new vr world? More details, feel free to contact us. 


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