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Future Tendency!!! Combination Of VR Technology And Culture
Jan 30, 2018

On 25th January, Director General of the State General Administration of Sport of China, Xia Ke visited the Beijing branch of NINED, to gain a better understanding of the VR technology and application. She also held discussions with NINED officials on investment experiences of China-Mongolia International VR artificial intelligence project experience investment, and jointly sought Opportunity for the Fusion of VR Technology and Urban Culture.


During the meeting, the head of Beijing Branch introduced details about China's advanced VR technology and commercial applications to Secretary Xia and members of the Mongolian delegation. Based on the current situation of the development of modern science and technology and cultural industries in Mongolia, both sides conducted an analysis on how to use advanced science and technology to promote the cultural development of Genghis Khan in Mongolia.


Subsequently, the Mongolian delegation moved to the exhibition hall and experienced various VR projects. The disruptive experience brought by the advanced VR technology has given the guests a lot of admiration for it. Even more, many good ideas from integration about modern science and technology with Mongolian culture have emerged on the scene. The exchange on the spot was quite warm.

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Through this exchange, NINED shared with VR guests from Mongolia a number of cutting-edge VR technologies to inject new impetus into the development of cooperation between China and Mongolia. Meanwhile, the cooperation and exchange of VR technology with other countries along "the Belt and Road" policy has been stepped up, laying a solid foundation for deepening the international strategic layout and promoting the all-round development of the VR + industry.