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How To Train American Teachers To Deal With Gun Battles Through VR?
Jan 19, 2018

How to train American teachers to deal with gun battles through VR?

                 ---how to protect yourself from Virtual to Reality

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security is working on a VR game that will allow users to experience the perspective of an active campus gunner and learn to defend themselves in a gunfire.

During the experience, users can act as the role of police officer, instructor and gunner. The aim of this game is to provide teachers with a realistic shoot-and-blow environment that allows them to play different roles and accumulate experience in gun battles. Tamara Griffith, the head of the team, said: "The more you experience, the more chances you get. Besides, in this game, you can practice and experience many times and then realize what should Do and what should not to do. "

There is no doubt that using VR is the most appropriate way to experience shootout atmosphere. Through VR technology, not only can the experiencers avoid hurting, but also they can immersive experience fierce gun battles. Just as Our NINED "VR Platoon", it can make people immersed in the hail of bullets in the environment, personally feel the brutality of gun battles.

"VR Platoon"  opens a new online interactive subversive new gameplay with multiplayers. Players can escape the deadly shootings of enemies in the virtual world through realistic limb movements in a realistic shoot-out environment, and can also work together with his teammates to repel the enemy.


Whether it is training self-protection in shooting a firefight, or cooperating with a team-mate in a fierce rush to evade shooting and defeating an enemy, VR makes everyone enjoy a exactly different experience. In the process of experience, players can find a safe hidden space, reasonable to avoid the gunmen's attack. This is not just a game any more and it may be able to better respond to emergencies in everyday life.