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NINED First Step From American CES In 2017
Jul 19, 2017

The 50th CES is officially opened on 4th,Jan 2017 in Las Vegas ,USA. According to the figures,it attracts many influential electronic enterprises to display their products and qualities every year. Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co.,Ltd is also invited to join in this strong group. Liang yingtao, the president of our company, is to exchange our operation principle in person to more friends from all around the world .

Our new platoon and V OF WAR model is to focus initially on playing multi-players interactive games with innovative technology and free films, followed by the implementation of various of configurations,such as gun simulator and HTC VIVE glasses that can meet needs of pursuing realistic feel of our customers.

V OF WAR, which is filled with explosive effects, smoke as well as fire effects, rises visitors’ interests to totally immerse in the battle games that need to wear the flak suit.

Investors are showing strong willingness to invest the virtual reality industry, toward our exhibition experiencing advanced equipment. And many potential buyers come in great numbers to try this new conceptual games. “Virtual Reality technology may put an beginning to world consumption and development in the future,” said the foreign reporter.