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NINED New Product---VR Dance Machine Comes Out Now!!
Jan 25, 2018

NINED New Product---VR Dance Machine Comes out now!!

VR dance machine , which is named as "VR Dance Miracle" , creating a new stage, invites you to enter a unique "dancing world."  An immersive MV scene with LIVE audio and visual enjoyment makes impossible to be possible! Wow!! No doubt that You are the next dance master.

Let's go ahead for more information about NINED VR Dance Machine

1. VR Dance Machine just covers an area of only 5 square meters, only a small space needed;.

2  Game easy to use, one second embodiment of professional dancers, dancing anywhere anytime.

3. With industry's leading top-level configuration, 42-inch high-definition display with concert-level audiophile stereo surround, the visual and auditory is to the extreme.

4. More special effects atmosphere lighting, science fiction psychedelic lighting scene presents the world's deepest sense of the scene.

5. Built-in music are all kinds of genuine authorized at home and abroad, singing heartfelt.

A key to share, to dance friends. Immediately show the rhythm, dance out of unique style.

Are you enjoying dancing? Are you still thinking?

Just come with us for more dancing showing now!!!