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Soul Defence VR Game For Platoon
Jul 19, 2017

< Soul Defence> is developed by LotusStudio, using unreal Engine 4 to create this attractive

cartoon game. The Studio aims at developing positive,innovative and international movies filled with Chinese culture ,therefore,this game is coming out.

It can have single player and multi player experience,which not only includes 1 player's amazing experience,but also collaborative interaction playing.

This game will create a new genre of game, bringing positive spirit to people.

The idea of this game comes from "Ten good deeds", " To cease from evil, to do what are good."

It is the first time to depth integrate the Buddhist cultural in electronic games. As a international product in Chinese & English, <Soul Defence> is committed to spread the "KIND" elements of Chinese culture all over the world, integrating the positive energy content and advanced VR technology to show the charm of Chinese Culture.

Product advocated purify the heart, remove the inner evil in the impetuous social life at the time. These ideas in contemporary society also has social significance, will play a positive role in guiding the role of the player.

You can play this attractive and interesting vr games in our VR Platoon Simulator Machine. Come on! Let's start this amazing journey.