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9D VR Virtual Reality Games VR Theme Park

Shopping Mall 9d Amusement park Electric 9D Cinema Simulator VR 9d Virtual Reality VR Amusement Park Equipment VR Theme Park
Product Details:

We provide experienced integrated solutions for customers with different needs.

1. Project Planning Support: Site Selection Suggestion,Service Process Planning,Operational Pricing Suggestion

2. Operational Service Support: Operation Management Training,Operation Cloud System Support

3. Marketing Standardization SupportStandardized VI Visual Materials,Standardized Store Materials,Standardized Electronic Materials,Standardized Marketing Activities

4. After-sales Service SupportTechnology Support,Fault Handling,Distribution Right Support

Specifications of NINED VR Theme Park

Products NameVR Theme Park
What We Do:VR Theme Park Design
Size:As your request
FeatureUnique & professional  design , One- stop solution services
Usage:Theme Park / Shopping Mall / ZOO / Amusement park
Product Material:Metal
Product CertificationCE,ROHS


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