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Virtual Reality Singing Vr Karaoke Music Machine

VR KTV, the world's first use of combing VR technology with KTV entertainment, achieves the perfect fusion with cutting-edge technology and entertainment. Through the VR unique panoramic horizon, people can enjoy exposuring themselves in the superstar stage, feeling all-round, listening and singing in such an immersive atmosphere. excellent experience of the VR singing with your partners.
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Virtual Reality Singing Vr Karaoke Music Machine


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 Various singing scenes available N update



VR KTV is the first time to formally be on displayed and experienced for people from all over the world, which attracts plenty of youngers and adults to experience. Here are the hot experience of VR KTV that many people are waiting in line to enjoy VR singing. At the same time, some related guidance are provided on the door and around to show them how to use it perfectly.


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