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Body Motion Single Seats Thrilling Shooting Games Electric Riding Horse Machine

VR horse racing adopts the original motion capture system of the magic Line technology, cool appearance, scientific and technological sense of the Korean import horse racing equipment, and independent design of a variety of VR horse racing game to achieve the perfect linkage, millimeter-level precise positioning, unlimited space to turn freely, quality fluency, high definition, positioning sensitive, strong manipulative,low dizziness.
Product Details:

Body Motion Single Seats Thrilling Shooting Games Electric Riding Horse Machine


Advantage of VR Horse

Using South Korea imported horse equipment, players can experience outdoor riding Mercedes-Benz lifelike feeling, the body forward speed up, backward deceleration (stop), the body left-wing, right-turn.



The use of HTC VIVE Head Show, the quality of fluency, high clarity, positioning sensitive, strong manipulation.


Main Frame

Processor:i5-7500, Memory: 8G DDR3, Solid state disk:128G, Graphics card: GTX1060, Operation System: Win10

Rich Games Contenttimg (35).png

Operation Guide

1. Head control aimed at the "VR  horse Cloud", into the game scene;

2. Body forward speed, backward slow down (stop), the body left turn left, right turn right;

3. break through the system, successfully through a glass After the bridge, will usher in a more difficult level.


Exposition Experience


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