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Great Visual Experience Virtual Reality YIDUSKY

Yidusky, the world’s first Mini VR comprehensive paradise, includes many different VR playing ways. It just needs less than 20㎡but echo with each other to create the top level experience effect of theme park more than 200㎡,achieving reception capability 5 times upgrade.It is the perfect example of limit utilization of limited space.
Product Details:

Great Visual Experience Virtual Reality YIDUSKY 


Games Composition: games varies with different positions


Why YIDUSKY is so popular now?

Advanced Market:

With the development of digital technology, VR amusement like Yidusky will be more and more popular with adults and children. More experience, more markets.


Rich Potential:

According to the figures, 2016 is meant to be a different year for VR, the market supposes up to 40 Billion Also of businessman concern, it is much potential to be another trillion market follow after Mobile Internet.


Low investment, High Return:

Which item could feel VR amusement park experience and take up small location? It is YIDU SKY !The first global Mini VR Park, takes up less than 20 ㎡ and surpasses 200 ㎡ theme park. YIDU SKY defeats bigger VR products and makes lots of money for customers.



Why you choose our YIDUSKY?


With Black technology Function is more powerful

1. Various different games for playing:

To meet different requirements of different players, here Yidusky invloves all kinds of games, such as a serious of adventure, testing, shooting and so on.

2.Top hardware configuration:

Here strong performance backpack computer equipped with i7-6700+GTX980 strongest configuration. So players can enjoy themselves in the games with a sharp speed.

3. Rich content of movie games:

In order to attract more players to continue to join in the games, massive platform contents are provided for Yidusky together.

4. 展会拼图.png

Our service:

After-sale Service :

A.3 years warranty for software!

B.2 years warranty for components!

C.1 year warranty for hardware!

D.Technical support in a lifetime! 

Technology Support : 

Provide the manual of machine, to teach customer how to operate and install the machine.
Send photos and video to customers for reference.
Operation data analyze based on customer's machine, offer advice for parameter setting to get more profit

Installation Service:

A.Send your technicians to China to learn installing and testing. 

B.We will send you diagram, instructions, pictures and videos to show it. 

C.Send our technician to your location to complete the installation.


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