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The ninth planet has si-fi outlook and movies, much better than the traditional game machine as a symbol of upscale VR products and an eyes-catching expert, which not only catches big amount of profit, but will also bring a series of advertising effects, it can increasing consumers' memories through the interesting topic.
Product Details:

Guangdong Virtual Reality Manufactures VR Stage


What is The Ninth Planet?


The Ninth planet is the world's first intelligent dynamic UFO VR,which is attractive, valuable, smart and comprehensive.The immersive experience is beyond reality, using amazing space sailing system, perfect  dish-shaped design, motivative online amazing experience  from outside to inside.The Ninth planet includes exclusive world's first multiplayer space battle VR games inside, It seems that players can leave our earth to enjoy the unprecedented interstellar adventure experience.




1. Amazing immersion --Fantastic involvement


The ninth planet not only inherited the landmark motion with platorm of VR, but also with its UFO appearance, psychedelic light effect, etc., created a ultimate sci-fi atmosphere, reaching a high coordination between the whole atmosphere and VR scenes. Before the users' wearing the helmets, they has gone into the virtual state through the visual impact, highy deepening the sense of immersion.


2. Space wing doors-- A key set sail


One button opening is exclusively invented by NINED Company. It is a perfect solution for in and out probelm of UFO equipment. All the operator need to do is pressing the switch and the whole UFO will open from the middle. The top and the bottom slowly separate, which looks like the open way of supercar. And then the whole bottom cabin turns into 10 free-lift decks. Five of them connected to the inner seats will land on the floor as landing entrance. Such a science fiction film's UFO one button opening, gives unprecedented visual shock to visitors.


3. Science & technology aesthetics --Stunning collision


The ninth planet with simple lines depicting the future of beauty, science and technology and avant-garde art integration, bring reality and different science fiction, to create a color value breakthrough interstellar super disc appearance. With the eight million color LED lights psychedelic effect, heart magic movement, breathing mode every 10 seconds intelligent transformation of light and shade, science fiction legend in your hands deduce the sublimation.


4. Exclusive content--Continually updated


NINED have the senior R&D team for the VR content.  It developed many popular content and orginal works with high efficiency and high qulaity. For explame,the《Mermaid 》、《CJ 7》、《Vfighting》. Our content  provide the strong vitality to the hardware products. it win the approval from the buyer and user. 


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