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Multiplayers VR Shooting Game Machine VR Walking Platform

NINED PLATOON is different from 9d vr cinema and other vr game, it used the world's top position technology, achieving millimeter level identification without delay. and can map the real movements of player and teammate to the virtual scene.
Product Details:


Multiplayers VR Shooting Game Machine VR Walking Platform

Motion Platform: 

Size: 2.9*2.9*1.55m/ 2.5*2.5*1.55m (L*W*M)                 Voltage: 220V

Size of required area:  5m*5m*2.8m                                   Power: 4.5KW  

HTC VIVE Glasses:

Response time:  <3ms                        Infrared induction positioning systemPrecision to mm   

Refresh rate:  90fps                             Resolution:  2160*1200   2K

Handle grab: interactive with the VR game. For shooting or finish any other action

Controlling System:

Display System:  Infrared emitter and network connecting system

Sound System:  Xiaomi  sound system

Multiplayer interactive Game: Exclusive multiplayer copyright game with ranking system  


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