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Virtual Reality Multiplayers Platform 9D VR Walker

NINED PLATOON is different from 9d vr cinema and other vr game, it used the world's top position technology, achieving millimeter level identification without delay. and can map the real movements of player and teammate to the virtual scene.
Product Details:


Motion Platform: 

Size: 2.9*2.9*1.55m/ 2.5*2.5*1.55m (L*W*M)                 Voltage: 220V

Size of required area:  5m*5m*2.8m                                   Power: 4.5KW  

HTC VIVE Glasses:

Response time:  <3ms                        Infrared induction positioning systemPrecision to mm   

Refresh rate:  90fps                             Resolution:  2160*1200   2K

Handle grab: interactive with the VR game. For shooting or finish any other action

Controlling System:

Display System:  Infrared emitter and network connecting system

Sound System:  Xiaomi  sound system

Multiplayer interactive Game: Exclusive multiplayer copyright game with ranking system  


6 Special Features -Bring You To A Whole New World !          

1.Battle Multiplayer Online Game --- Exclusive Release

Now you can fight with four or more person together. The best platoon which is breakthrough the gaming way is more exciting and enjoying .

2.Precision position by mm --- Perform Extremely

As long as you judge the scope and route of enemy attack in advance, you can avoid the crushing blow from the enemy in the virtual world through the body movements in reality. 

3. Breaking the limit of k&M--Getting into the character with your “hand”

With our special fancy controller, movement like slashing, shooting even your unintentional action would all be presented to your own character in real time.Perfect tactile feedback will bring you the best experience that you never get!

4.720° High definition -- Involve in a fantastic world

Bring you the real experiences of the battle, breaking the limit of the screen. And you will invole in a fancy world you never been. 

5. Switching weapons within a second -- More fun than shooting

Not only provide you the crazy shooting experience, but your weapon can be transformed into swords, dagger, gun, bows, even tennis rackets, golf clubs and other forms of equipment at anytime by the awesome controller.  

6. Adjustable safety barriers--Safety guard system 

Adjustable safety barrier adapt to different heights of players, warmly providing the safe area to players in order to protect them from dangerous movements.

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