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Interactive Mode Kat Walk VR Gun Shooting Game Virtual Reality 9D Walking

V of War is a kind of FPS game which is NINED have concentrated on the next generation sci-fi creation for three years. Being a sci-fi hero to save the real world in the single PVE plot with ups and downs. It includes single PVE mode, multiplayer PVE mode and PVP mode.
More vivid scene, more dynamic music, richer interactive element. We can feel a sense of great pleasure while shooting without limitations.
Product Details:

Interactive Mode Kat Walk VR Gun Shooting Game Virtual Reality 9D Walking


Two Big Playing Modes:

1. PVE Mode

In single player PVE mode, Players acts as a sci-fi hero with ups and downs, dodging bullets, climbing ice, picking up the entrance card, pulling the half open door.

 In multiplayer PVE mode, can play with other game players, unity and cooperation to challenge the powerful BOSS


2. PVP Mode

In the PVP games, there are many creative mode, including the standard team compaign, personal fight, occupancy mode and other unique dead combat as well as cart mode etc. 



Interactive Playing Experience

Team Competition

Irritating fighting without any retards together with a team or even millions of players;

Individual Competition

A lonely hero break through the hazardous land, and speed competing to win games

Occupied Mode

To defeat all opponents and stand on the highland with full authority

Death Mode

Hard Code game meets the demands of players who prefer stimulation and much thoughts

Car Pushing Mode

Take advantage of team work to protect teammates from any difficulties

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