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New Wide Area Network VR Battleplay, industry benchmarking unlimited space shift Dynamic technology, better than the previous competitive gesture capture system, 3A next generation FPS VR masterpiece, as well as mature competitive operating programs, this is even more Step by step integration VR competitive platform---NINED V of war.
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    V of War is a kind of FPS game which is NINED have concentrated on the next generation sci-fi creation for three years. Being a sci-fi hero to save the real world in the single PVE plot with ups and downs. It includes single PVE mode, multiplayer PVE mode and PVP mode.
  • Gym Fitness Equipment VR Bike Simulator
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    Gym Fitness Equipment VR Bike Simulator

    Wireless VR Bicycle is a kind of advanced athletic VR equipment,it's an instrument with a basis of VR virtual reality technology and human computer interaction through exercise-biking ,using both advanced sensor system and wireles project, and turning into reality through stereoscopic display...
  • China Wholesale Kat Walk Vr Suppliers
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    China Wholesale Kat Walk Vr Suppliers

    Kat Walk Vr,is a VR multi-player platform, which combines offline with online battle games with your partner or enemies. Equipped with multiple accurate sensing points, players can show out their battle skills wonderfully to fight in the exciting games.
  • VR Bike
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    VR Bike

    VR Treadmil, are viewed as the theme of the 9DVR fitness integrated machine, meeting the needs of the perfect collisionbetween the fitness and high technology. Just wearing the glasses,then you can freely experience the virtual reality world which make you feel incomparable sense of immersion .
  • Wholesale Vr Machine Kat Walk Vr Arena
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    Wholesale Vr Machine Kat Walk Vr Arena

    VR of War ,combined online with offline, individual and multiplayers vr games, is the audio effect that it runs rather wonderful in the whole games. The sounds of guns and the surrounding atmosphere make players be totally personal on the scene with more vivid scene,more dynamic...
  • China Factory Vr Stage Walker Console
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    China Factory Vr Stage Walker Console

    V of war is a kind of FPS online game which is the NINED have concentrated on the next generation science-fiction creations. It can cross platform to play games based on VR and PC.
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