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China Wholesale Kat Walk Vr Suppliers

China Wholesale Kat Walk Vr Suppliers
Kat Walk Vr,is a VR multi-player platform, which combines offline with online battle games with your partner or enemies. Equipped with multiple accurate sensing points, players can show out their battle skills wonderfully to fight in the exciting games.
Product Details:

China Wholesale Kat Walk Vr Suppliers

Kat Walk Vr Introduction--A Real Virtual Reality Battle Game


1.Worldwide live VR new games


2.Walking in the games


3.3A class FPS VR work


4.Mature competition plan


5.VR multi-player platform


1. Real competition

Using the latest networking interactive technology, creating a new era of real-time VR warfare. Same shop, cross shop, cross city, inter provincial, or even transnational, players can play it. 

2. Customized content

Based on unlimited space, mobile technology and extreme ergonomics, V of War requires only minimal realistic space, allowing players to compete in a virtual world.

3. Mature management plan

Providing a full set of professional VR sports equipment, integration experience, competition,live broadcast, display, advertising, operation, fees and other functions together.

4. Verified high quality

The first exclusive 3A class FPS work-V of War. More amazing models to stimulate a variety of quality content continuously updated to meet the diverse needs.

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